General Information

Port of Hafnarfjordur
Oseyrarbraut 4
220 Hafnarfjordur

Tel:       +354 414 2300
Fax:      +354 414 2301
Pilot:     +354 414 2300  

Port of Hafnarfjordur is one of the largest ports in Iceland, specialized in handling cruise vessels, containers, bulk, breakbulk, fish, general cargo, oil and repair facilities.

Hafnarfjordur's location in the south west region of Iceland enshures an ice free harbor all year round.

This makes Port of Hafnarfjordur an Ideal Service Port in the North Atlantic.

The Port of Hafnarfjordur is divided in two ports with 4 km distance between them, Hafnarfjordur and Straumsvik.  

Approach & Aids to Navigation

Vessels with a draft of 7 metres and more approaching Hafnarfjordur are warned that shoals exist in pos. 64° 04' 48'' N, 022° 08' W or 1.5 miles in 260° direction from the Valhusagrunn buoy.

Vessels awating a pilot will find good anchorage 1.0 nautical mile SE of the outer buoy (Valhusagrunn) at Lat. 64° 04' N, Long. 022° 02' W. Water depth is between 25 and 30 metres.

Pilotage is compulsory for all foreign vessels entering or leaving the port. Pilots usually board vessels 1.0 nautical mile SSE of the outer buoy. Smaller vessels and masters familiar with the port are invited to process to the inner buoy (Helgasker).

Radio Frequency: 
Vessels approaching the harbor must notify ETA pilots on VHF channel 14 or Telephone +354 414 2300 at least two hours prior to arrival.

Wind Conditions:
Prevailing SE-SW winds. Current state of the weather is at the right on the screen.

Tidal variation is up to 4.5 metres. Average spring tide 3.9 metres, neap 1.5 metres.

Port Services

One tug with 15 ton bollar pull and one with 4 ton pollar pull are operated at the port. Other tugs are ordered from nearby ports.

The port has access to mobile cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tonnes.

Bunker services by ships and mobile tankers are available 24 hrs a day.

Waste disposal:
Waste disposal for all kinds of waste available on demand, by specialaized service companies.

At Hafnarfjordur

Name                       Length      Depth                 Use                                      
North Quay               245 m         6,0 – 6,5 m          Leisure boats                        
South Quay              430 m         6,0 – 8,0 m          Cruise vessels, Fish, Breakbulk & General Cargo  
Hvaleyri Pier             400 m         8,0  - 10,0 m       Containers and Breakbulk 
Oseyri Quay (N)      130 m          6,0  m                  Fish                                      
Oseyri Quay (S)      130 m          2,5 – 4,0 m          Fish                                      
Finger Pier                 70 m          5,5 – 6,5 m         Asphalt & Lay berth             
Oil Pier                       62 m          8,5 m                   Oil Tankers                           
South Quay has several storage facilities for dry, cool and refrigerated cargo.

Navigation & Channel Depth.
The harbor is accessed by passing through Valhusagrunn buoy at Lat. 64° 04.9' N, Long. 022° 05.1' W and Helgasker buoy at Lat. 64° 04.2' N, Long. 022° 00.9' W on leading mark beacons leading 098° from the sea to 400 metres outside the North Breakwater, then turning to 120° in the middle of the harbor entrance. The harbor is sheltered by a 400 metre long outer mole. The inner harbor is sheltered by a 200 metre-long northern breakwater and a southern breakwater. Entrance to the inner harbor is 150 metres wide and 9 metres deep with a soft clay bottom.

At Straumsvik.


Name              Length      Depth        Usage
Alu Quay          220 m        12,0 m       Alumina & LPG 
East Quay        100 m        10,0 m       Breakbulk & General Cargo          

Icelandic Aluminium Co Ltd ( ISAL ) smelter and Gasfelagid Liquefied Propane Gas depot.
The main bert is equippet with a suction unit for unloading Alumina.

Navication & Channel Depth.
At Straumsvik the buoy is at Lat. 64° 02.9' N, Long. 022° 02.8' W. The leading beacons lead 145° from the sea to the inner harbor.
The harbor is sheltered by a 300 metre-long breakwater. The entrance channel is 160 metres wide with a depth of 12 metres.

Iceland's premier International gateway, Keflavik Airport is located 38 km away.
Iceland's Domestic Airport in Reykjavik is located 10 km away.