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Hafnarfjordur - The town in the lava

The town of Hafnarfjordur has grown up among lava which flowed from Mt. Búrfell about 7,300 years ago.
As the lava flowed into the sea it formed strange and picturesque shapes, and the people of the town have placed their homes among these dramatic rock formations. 
Hafnarfjordur harbour is a fishing port which has three quays suitable for accommodating cruise ships. It is well sheltered with a wide clear entrance with water depth between 11-15 mtr.
Iceland’s third-largest community resides here with just over 25,000 inhabitants, not to mention the elves who are reputed to live in various places in and around the town!  

In Hellisgerdi there is the northernmost Bonsai park in the world containing 130-150 miniature trees, of which 70-80 are on display in summer-time.
Within easy reach of the town is the ‘sacred mount’ of Helgafell – a 340 mtr peak easily climbed via the northeast ridge.

Krýsuvík is an area of geothermal activity and outstanding natural beauty and there are spectacular birdcliffs just south of Krýsuvík at Krýsuvíkurberg.

Just 10 minutes drive from Reyjavík, the town offers visitors plenty of activities such as whale-watching, horse-riding, and elf spotting, as well as splendid Viking feasts. The Hafnarborg Institute of Culture and Fine Arts offers art exhibitions and concerts, while Hafnarfjörður Historic Museum provides an insight into the town’s history. The work of artists from around the world may be seen at the Sculpture Park at Vídistaðatún.
Sports are an important aspect of life in Hafnarfjordur, which is known as the cradle of handball in Iceland.

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