A day in Hafnarfjordur

Take a Dip.
There is no better way to start your day than to soak in one of the three swimming pools situated in Hafnarfjordur. Swimming in natural warm geothermal water is one of the "musts" of visiting Iceland. Or if you are not the swimming kind, a relaxing walk around the harbour area would be a good choice, heading for the small-boat marina and feel the sights, sounds and smells.

Take a Bite
There is nothing more Icelandic than visiting a hot dog stand after your walk or your dip in the pool. Go on, be bold and ask for "eina med öllu", or a hot dog with all the toppings. Pylsubarinn, located on the parking lot at Fjardargata, opens at 10:30. Or you can go to a bakery. There is one in the Fjördur shopping centre and another one at Strandgata 49, both offering a wide variety of baked goods and drinks.

Take a History
How about a little history before lunch? A trip to the Hafnarfjordur Museum is something you will never forget. The main museum building houses two exhibitions. One traces the history of the town, While the other focuses on antique toys for children. The museum also has exhibitions at other sites, so if you are in the mood for more history, just ask the museum staff. Open daily from 11am. to 17pm. in June, July and August.

Take a Lunch
Already lunchtime? Everyboody loves to eat, and Hafnarfjordur offers a variety of restaurants. You can enjoy anything from a relaxing café atmosphere through quaint family restaurants to fast food. The town has plenty to offer and is waiting for you to taste it.

Take a Culture
The Hafnarborg Institute of Culture and Fine Arts presents an ambitious programme of art shows and musical events. The gallery is open daily from 12pm to 5pm, and from 11am to 9pm on Thursdays. It is closed on Tuesdays. Free admittance on opening hours.

Take a Ride
Now is the time for an afternoon activity. One option is riding horses at Íshestar, which offers exciting tours that leave daily at 2pm to both novice and experienced riders. See www.ishestar.is

Take on exploring Nature 
If you are fond of nature walks and have a car at your disposal, a trip to the Krýsuvík area would be a fine idea. The famed geothermal pools and colourful deposits there are only a 25-minute drive from Hafnarfjördur. Driving near the sea, you can vew the cliffs of Krýsuvíkurbjarg, famous for their birdlife. The Reykjanes peninsula is one of the best places for bird watching in Iceland. Species such as Harlequin Duck, Great Northern Diver (Common Loon), Slavonian Grebe (Horned Grebe), Common Eider, Northern Gannet, Ringed Plover, European Golden Plover, Common Snipe, Kittiwake, Meadow Pipit, Artic Tern species of guillemots and Razorbill are among those that breed in the area. Being a peninsula, Reykjanes is also well known for holding vagrant species and is known as one of the best locations to find rare species in Iceland. Since there are so few active birdwatchers in Iceland it is very common that visiting birders find new vagrants on the Peninsula. Gavia Travel offers guided day tours to Reykjanes Peninsula specialised in birdwatching and wildlife.  See  www.gaviatrravel.com

Take a Dinner
Is there a more pleasant way to end a fantastic day than eating a delicious meal? Hafnarfjordur is ideal for fine dining. You could try a Viking feast at the Viking Village (see Vikingvillage.is), excellent seafood at the restaurant Tilveran or a more traditional menu at gamla Vínhúsid.

Take to the Hidden People
Hafnarfjordur is one of the most famous settlement of Hidden People in Iceland. You could try to spot one of the hidden people yourself at Hellisgerdi park, or take a guided Hidden Worlds tour. This tour starts every Tuesday and Friday at 2:30pm.